I don’t remember what time I fell asleep, it wasn’t a very restful night- but  then it never is- is insomnia another symptom of MS.. don’t overthink it – I am the QUEEN of overthinking.  I didn’t ring my Doctors office back yesterday- I didn’t want to face it but it is on my to-do list this morning.  The girls both have chicken pox so Eabha is off school and Alex is sitting beside me eating her breakfast- more like not eating her breakfast.  I ring and get the name of Dr. John Craig at the Ulster independent clinic.  this is too real.  I don’t even have MS.  I dial the number and mess up everything and go through to the wrong extension.  I get the right extension and I’m shaking, I’m going to cry.  The receptionist will answer and I’ll be bawling and she’ll think I’m dying.  I’m number 5 in the queue- Alex is talking away to me in her baby language- making total sense to herself but I haven’t a clue what she is saying but it seems very serious so I agree 100 % with her.  Eventually after 8 minutes I’m talking to the receptionist- I’m not crying, whatever Alex said to me, it worked- she gave me strength.  The next available appointment is January 15th at 10.45am.  I’m booked in.  January 15th is a long way a way but I tell myself it is good- we can relax over Christmas and not worry- just push it to the back of our minds.  Also I have time now to cure myself before I see the neurologist.. I am going to start with avo vegetarianism because I can’t see how I can live without eggs- Eggs are what I eat- all the time!  Also, I may have a day off over Christmas and allow myself some turkey and ham.   This is a good thing.  Declan and I have agreed to go to Sprucefield to shop and mum is having the girls.  I buy almond milk and rice milk to experiment with.  I will miss tea with milk.  When I collect the girls mum’s house is filled with the smell of roast ham- oh no- I’m an Irish Culchie- I can not resist ham. She gives me some to take home.  Declan and I LOVE IT.  I will start vegetarianism tomorrow.


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