Saturday 18th November 2017

I wake up ready to meditate.  I have tried it before but failed.  I do not know how to switch off.  So I contact my friend JB. It has been a while since we spoke but I know he is into meditation and all this stuff.  We have stayed in touch through social media and we get talking on messenger and he is more than happy to help. (Thank you) I tell him about the MS and he suggests we talk. So on my lunch break I call him and he knows everything!  He says I don’t have MS and it is all about gut health ( a road I was already starting but he is reinforcing everything) He recommends I get some epsom salts and have a good 30 minute epsom salt bath.  He has so much information for me and hardly any of it is getting through but I go buy the epsom salts and start to wonder.  Is this really all about gut health? Does our gut have this much power?  A thought pops into my head  ‘I haven’t had numbness in a few days’ I was having it EVERY day but I haven’t had it in a while.  My heart skips a beat- there is hope!! there is hope!! okay- don’t get too excited but I am excited.  I haven’t had numbness in my vagina in over a week!!!!!! Something must be happening.  I want to know everything JB already knows, I want to understand The Wahls Protocol.  My brain fog is still as bad it will take a while. Gut health- it really is all about gut health and there really is hope!!  JB tells my mindfulness meditation isn’t for me as a Highly senstive person.  He does mention other types of meditation but I don’t catch them. First thing though is the epsom salts bath- to get magnesium into me.  This is the second time ‘magnesium’ has been mentioned (Also in The Wahls Protocol but I can’t get my head around it) so I look online and see magnesium deficiency symptoms have a lot in common with MS symptoms.  Something else for me to try and understand.


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