Friday 1st December 2017

Thursday night (last night) I went for a meal with friends.  I went for the gluten free menu and I ordered Garlic mushrooms for a starter and Prawn Pil Pil as a main.  The garlic mushrooms come and they are in a bowl of CHEESE!!!!  I was with 2 girls that didn’t know about what is going on- so I had some of the mushrooms (very few), not to cause a fuss.  We had a great night.  Then Friday a whole new symptom has presented itself.  My face burns all day and night. Is this the cheese? The cheese I ate every weekend for about 4 years?? What is going on? perhaps it is a symptom that would’ve presented itself anyway and it is just coincidence.  I don’t know but I am very worried.  I think about my sore arm.. its been sore since I went to my GP.  I thought it was because he took blood from it but now I’m connecting it to MS.  The arm is weaker and I cant push with my fingers. I had been trying to ignore it.  Now this.  So maybe I do have MS.  And even though I thought I was preparing myself -I am upset.  I don’t want MS.  Maybe I was in denial and in denial that I was in denial. I don’t tell my husband.  I don’t know how.  I haven’t told him about my arm.  I was hoping it would go away. I just want to go to bed and cry.  But I can’t.  I have a family to look after.  I am so down though.  How do I pick myself up – MY FACE IS ON FIRE!! We are all in bed by 9:30pm on a Friday night? How pathetic!


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