I have ‘The Wahls protocol’ by Terry Wahls a good few days now but I haven’t had the chance to look into it.  Turns out being vegetarian  is the WORST thing to do for MS and autoimmune.  According to Dr Wahls anyway and she basically cured herself of MS so I’m taking her seriously.  Dr Wahls was vegetarian for years before she got her MS diagnosis and she had to eat meat to be well again.  If you google Dr Wahls, you’ll see her amazing story.  The short version: She was diagnosed with MS, the drugs didn’t stop her decline.  She was in a wheelchair. She started doing research.  She changed her diet.  She walks again and is doing amazing.  This is the very simplified version.  She did have Chemo and electric stimulation and other therapies to help her but her diet is a massive factor in her current wellness.  I joined a FB group, ‘The Wahls Warriors’ and I read all their stories.  There are some miraculous stories here.   I am already in love with this group.  There is so much hope so much positivity.  I am trying to read and understand ‘The Wahls protocol’  but with brain fog being one of my symptoms I am finding it very difficult to retain the information I am reading.  What I do know is I must eat meat, fast 16 hours a day and try to get into ketosis.  Bone broth is a big thing here.  I buy bone broth because I’m not quite ready to have an animals carcass sitting in my kitchen- boiling!! Especially after I’ve just been vegetarian for a week!!

Since this realisation 2 weeks have passed and I’ve made bone broth soup with celery, kale, carrots, broccoli, onion, all organic.  It has been very tasty.  It is very tricky navigating the dairy free, gluten free, sugar free world.  I am trying but so many foods sneak them in where you least expect it – even some vegan cheese has milk solids in it and eggs are in everything.  I am missing eggs.  They were my go to healthy snack. With the Wahls protocol she suggests staying off them for a month or so then reintroducing them to see if they give you any problems.  Apparently lots of people are allergic and don’t know it.  So I will give them up for a month and try them again.  I am still trying to get my head around this.  I know I am not eating enough fat yet and I am not exercising yet meaning I will not be in ketosis. This complete overhaul isn’t going to happen overnight.  I had a slip up last Friday.  My youngest child kept me up all night Thursday night and on Friday all I wanted to do was eat carbs and crap! I did and I felt like crap.  By Friday evening I was really down.  Tiredness and eating poorly.  I panic and the fear gets in again.  I can’t wait until January 15th I need to see a neurologist sooner.  I text a friend who would know neurologists and tell her my story.  She says something that blows my mind.  ‘You need to have downtime’ I NEVER HAVE DOWNTIME.  She suggests meditation.  MIND BLOWN.  I never thought about ‘Downtime’ I don’t have time for ‘downtime’ I’m starting very slowly to see it is all linked.  Diet, Lifestyle, Self- care, all add up to wellness.  They may seem so obvious to you but it is a whole new way of thinking for me.  I don’t do self- care.  Before I got married it was the opposite of self-care and since getting married and even more so since having children I don’t have the time. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I don’t know what else I am other than these roles. I do know I am bottom of the list.  I don’t say that to martyr myself but something has to change-  if I want to continue to look after everybody else I have to look after myself.  Half of me eye-rolls with sarcasm- the other half of me nearly cries with the revelation.


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