I wake up and my face is no longer burning but my skin feels so rough.  I have still no idea what caused it.  The only place to look for answers is The Wahls Protocol group I have joined on Facebook. I post about my experience and they are brilliant. Some people also break out in their face after dairy, most of the people do believe it was a reaction to something but most likely grains.  I am trying to think what else I have eaten.  I did have a nakd gluten free raw bar thinymagig.. it had soya in it.  In level 3 of The Wahls Protocol you have to avoid soya maybe it was the soya.  Maybe it was the prawns or something in the prawns..  The waitress did say they used the same oil for gluten things as non gluten things- maybe that was it- it could be anything.  The advice the group gives me is that to find out I will have to try it again.  Go without the food for a while and re-introduce it and see what reaction I get.  Also to flush out the toxins.   It seems eating out isn’t going to be as simple as ordering off the gluten free menu because you don’t know what else they have in there.  Also most gluten free foods are not organic- I did not know this.  More toxins.  Such a minefield.  Luckily I don’t eat out that often. They group recommend I get a food journal so that is next on my list!

Does this mean I do have MS though? It is looking more likely isn’t it?  I have to get back into The Wahls Protocol.  I mention my brain fog to the group and one of them suggests drops of Hemp oil and drops of Frankencense oil- it is worth a try. I must order some. There is still hope… isn’t there?



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