I started taking supplements a while ago.  I really have no idea what I am doing.  I take Vitamin D3 as well as Cod liver oil, a general multivitamin and Magnesium Glycinate.  I also started Biokult and I pop a little milk thistle in there too.  I don’t know if this is why I have started to have some energy or is it just coincidence or is it a ‘cycle’ thing.  Maybe I am in that part of my ‘cycle’ where you feel good- although I have never experienced that part before! I am still reading Dr Wahls and I have yet to get into Ketosis- HOW DO I DO THIS? HELP ME!! I did find another guy: Matt Embry, he has also healed himself after being diagnosed with MS and his story is as impressive as Dr Wahls.  He has released a movie called ‘Living Proof’ but I haven’t seen it, as it is only in available Canada at the minute but I’ve been on his website:  http://www.mshope.com/ Have a snoop. He very kindly lists all the supplements he suggests people with MS take:


I hope to get all of these at some stage but it will be a gradual process as it will be expensive.  For now I am still staying away from dairy, sugar and gluten (with a few mistakes here and there) I am intermittent fasting- 16 hours a day.  I am really enjoying the fasting (probably my inner anorexic gets a kick out of it- control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation)- enjoying is possibly the wrong word … optimistic about the fasting (is that a better way of saying it) I do feel it is benefitting me.  I try to get my last mouthful before 8pm but it is not always possible as the my daughters bedtime can go on for hours.  After my last mouthful I count 16 hours and don’t eat until after the 16 hours are up.  There have been a few times I haven’t eaten until 2pm and of course I have accidentally broken my fast.  Namely my daughters birthday when we had cake fro (see I did it again) FOR breakfast at 7am- not only did I break my fast but I had gluten, sugar and dairy all at 7am.  Needless to say I felt sick all day but so would anyone.


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