This has been happening on and off for about a year now.  I did go through a phase of forgetting how to swallow every time I ate!  I would be chewing my food, oblivious that I have forgotten how to take the next step.  I would go to swallow and I realise have forgotten how to swallow!! I panic.  Rush the food to the front of my mouth with my tongue and calm myself down because I just nearly choked. This would happen every time and every time I would start eating oblivious to the fact I have forgotten how to swallow and so the panic would ensue.  It doesn’t happen as much now but when it does I can’t help but panic, I am caught unawares each time! Does this happen to you?  I have decided to NOT google this one for fear of what google diagnoses.  I can’t help but wonder,  is this another piece of the MS puzzle? All these little ‘strange’ symptoms.  I wouldn’t worry about them too much if they were singular but put all of them together and it is obvious something is not right.  As for my diet I have been – let’s say – okay at eating properly.  Some days I run out of time and find I haven’t eaten yet- those days I force myself to eat- other days I am starving all day and eat properly.  I am still fasting 16 hours which I love.  I do stumble over the weekends where I enjoy (NEED) a glass or two of red wine (luckily it is not prohibited on The Wahl’s Protocol).  Usually I would feast on cheese with my red wine so I am missing that. But for now I am not ready to give up my red wine at the weekends.  I think after working hard all week and coping with the girls- who are great but are prone to a tantrum or 3000 (aren’t we all?) I long for a glass of wine after they go to bed on a Friday evening! It settles me to my bones! Of course each time I was pregnant I gave up alcohol completely but I always knew after 9/10 months we would be reunited!!  I have yet to forget how to swallow wine!!  This will be a sad day.


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