I have always had CRAZY dreams-  When I was very young I always wanted a baby sister- I had a few recurring dreams as a child- in one dream- I ‘woke’ up and looked outside my window and there was a beautiful girl outside, the sister I always wanted, I invited her in and introduced her to my family- I left them all in the kitchen together and then went to my room, when I went back to the kitchen she had massacred my whole family! (you weren’t expecting that were you!!) I would have this dream so often- that is why I remember it so well- I even remember the orange floral dress she was wearing.  Another dream involved a pack of dogs forcing their way into our house and mauling everyone, chasing me down to my room and then I’d wake up.  As I got older my dreams involved demons and entities, they were abusive, very violent- still are.  I fight for my body and soul- the dreams are terrorizing at best- sleep paralysis is involved too.  When my babies were born I fought for their souls, I would hold a Crucifix and pray at the demon- sometimes even Satan himself would make an appearance- I know- I sound CRAZY, I am crazy- but these dreams are so real.  When I went to university I told my mum about them and she sent me Holy Water! Maybe they are just my own sub-conscious battle- I was worried for a while about how depraved my imagination/dreams could be- what did that say about me?  I don’t have them as much now but I do still have vivid dreams every night – I seem to go straight to dream sleep ( I have recently found out that this is also linked to MS)  When I was put on prozac a million years ago- I stopped dreaming- so I stopped the prozac, most nights I look forward to my dreams, they can be great craic- you never know what I’ll be getting up to, and when I wake up at 2am-ish- like I do every night- for about 2 hours, I try so hard to get back into my dreams.  Sometimes if things aren’t going my way in a dream, I tell myself- ‘it is just a dream’- and I change it!  Other times I have to question ‘is this a dream? yes, yes it is- okay then, continue!’ Do you have dreams like this? Is it another link to MS?  Only 29 more non-sleeps until I meet the neurologist!!


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