I have been known to put things in random places but I have no recollection of doing it- yet everyone knows it is me! Finding the ketchup in with the medicines or the sugar in the fridge- Gail did it- even though she denies it!! I lost a dishwasher tablet- it completely disappeared when I was putting the wrapper in the bin- I still haven’t found it! Today my child minder text me to ask what it was in the girl’s lunch bag- I have no idea what she is talking about- she says she has never seen one before- well- now I am intrigued!! I get her to send a photo- while waiting on the photo I wracked my brains- through the brain fog- what did I put into their lunch bag??? She sends a photo of a red cabbage!! I HAVE NO IDEA how this got in there but it has to have been me as I am the only one who organises their lunch… I can just imagine the girls faces if the child minder tried to feed them this… It made me laugh and I hope it made her laugh too- maybe she’s ringing social services because she has now seen I am crazy! On another note- I ate so bad yesterday- I had hummus (because I love it and miss it but on the Wahl’s protocol legumes are a no-no) today I ache all over and I am so bloated- is it the hummus. Et tu, hummus? I also had pitta bread with the hummus- because you kinda have to- so maybe it was the bread or maybe it is just coincidence? The only way to find out is to eliminate them again and try them again in a few weeks to see if anything happens. Only 28 sleeps until the neurologists appointment!


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