With my appointment for the neurologists closing in on me- (I’m neurotic about this neurologist appointment!!) I have decided to make a list so that I don’t forget anything.  I have gotten used to making lists.  I make them for everything- they seem to help organize my mind and stop me from forgetting- unless I forget the list which I often do.  Shopping lists, things I have to do today lists- Christmas lists- lots of lists, I could happily swim in a sea of lists ( I can’t swim so I would drown)  But this list is a little daunting- I didn’t think it would be so long. I thought I had 1 or 2 symptoms turns out I have a good few more than that- that I remember…

So- here goes:

Pins and needles in various locations

Pain in various locations

Weakness and pain in my left arm/hand

Feel like I’m moving but I’m not moving- if I’m driving and the car stops I feel like the car is still moving- I don’t think it is dizziness but it is unnerving

Mixing my letters and numbers up in what I think is a dyslexic kind of way

Pain in my leg up around my hip joints

CRAZY dreams- crazy vivid dreams



Bladder issues- the less said about this the better- I haven’t really admitted this to myself


Loss of memory

Forgetting how to swallow

Losing balance

Feet are always moving- my husband has many many videos of me sitting unaware that my feet are busy dancing away to their own tune.

Jittery eye


Always cold

Face burning

Occasional Mouth Ulcer

With a list like this, if it is not MS- what is it?

Could it be nothing?





4 thoughts on “Usually I am a fan of lists

  1. It is a good idea to make a list for your appointment. It is amazing how easy it is to forget things that you want to tell or ask the doctor. I know how nerve wrecking this is, but I promise you it will be okay. You are doing the smart thing by making a list I wish I had done that so many times. If there is anything I can do for you between now and then and even after your appointment, I am here for you!!!!! Take care and enjoy the holiday as much as possible!!!!!

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      1. You are very welcome Sweetie! I really meant what I said, I am here for you. I know it is hard planning for the Neurologist appointment because you have a million questions and want LOTS of answers. Please never hesitate to email if you need to chat or vent. My personal email is alyssabowman81@gmail.com.
        I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!! Take care my dear!!!

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