New Year, New You! The slogan that is everywhere at the minute- but you know what? You don’t need a New You! Don’t buy into it. I do need a few ‘new’ changes but that is about GROWTH, not becoming a new person. I hope to develop a few NEW habits.

My first ‘New Habit’ is to get up at 5:30am and start my life. It was supposed to happen this morning but both our girls had the most restless night EVER- The Christmas comedown for kids, so I was not fit to get up at 5:30am this morning. I didn’t fail- I just need to try again! When I do get up at 5:30am and the girls are still asleep- I intend on working out to my beachbody program and then just sitting in silence over a mug of tea. Mentally preparing myself for the day ahead. What might happen is I fall asleep on the sofa- I know for sure that this habit is not going to be an easy one for me to develop- but I’ll try. I will become a fully-fledged member of the 5:30am club. (Hold me accountable- I’ll see you at 5:30am tomorrow morning)

The second NEW habit- is to workout (which is linked to my first habit) I have also signed up to a 10k which takes place in April. I realise one of my symptoms is tiredness but I will do my best. Some days I have boundless energy (I think I had one of those days in the last year) most I days walk up the stairs and I feel drained but reading the Wahls protocol- I need to get moving! ‘Your brain and your body need you to use your muscles and move, even if you have a degenerative disease. Exercise is important to maintaining the proper balance of hormones in the brain and in the body. It also keeps muscles from atrophing’ Taken from The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls, M.D. I will be a Wahls Warrior which leads me to my next New Habit

My third New Habit is to STOP WORRYING- This will be the hardest for me as I am constantly worrying. Ringing in the New Year and everyone is so hopeful and in my head I’m thinking- It is too late, Our planet has doomed, What have I brought my girls into? What sort of lives will they have? Threat of war, Over Population (I added 2 to this problem) POLLUTION, Climate Change, Artificial intelligence, now there’s some Aussie Flu making its way through Ireland killing people!! So- STOP and breathe- turn away from the media and realise the media is a fear factory. I need to live in the PRESENT, enjoy my girls today, in this moment, and stop worrying. STOP WORRYING. It is all beyond my control so why worry. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. (obviously I am using less plastic and trying to help as much as I can with climate change and pollution) but everything else? I can’t worry.

2018 will see me become a WARRIOR not a worrier.


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