I know the saying ‘no rain, no flowers’ means without rain there can not be any flowers but today I feel like I didn’t get either. I didn’t get flowers or rain, I got nothing. My long-awaited neurologist appointment was today and he said that it is unlikely I have MS. He said he didn’t think there was any need for an MRI if I was happy enough to trust him, which I am, because he’s a neurologist! He said my nervous system isn’t working correctly but it isn’t a neurological problem. He did refer me to a website: http://www.neurosymptoms.org which is very interesting but A LOT to take in- here is the introduction to it:

Functional and Dissociative Neurological Symptoms : a patient’s guide

How to use this website …

This website is about symptoms which are: • neurological (such as weakness, numbness or blackouts) • REAL (and not imagined) • and due to a PROBLEM with the FUNCTIONING of the nervous system, and NOT due to neurological disease. These symptoms have many names (including dissociative symptoms and conversion symptoms) but are often described as “functional symptoms” or “functional disorders” Symptoms like these are surprisingly common but can be difficult for patients and health professionals to understand. This website, written by a neurologist with a special interest in these problems, aims to give you a better understanding of these symptoms. It has no advertising and does not make any money for the author.

Obviously I am relieved I don’t have MS or any neurological problems but I am also deflated in that I was looking forward to having some answers- some validation even on my symptoms, now I feel like maybe I am just crazy- which is not a nice feeling. A ‘crazy attention seeking time waster’ is how I feel right now. I am trying to be positive- I DON’T HAVE MS! how can I not be HAPPY? – I know everyone with MS most likely wishes they didn’t have MS so I am grateful, for my babies, I am so glad. Now I just have to look deeper into myself and see how to fix these annoying symptoms. I need to get a grip of my anxiety as the Dr said it could be a factor. How do I do that??

I need an action plan.

My action plan is:

Complete 80 day obsession (A Beachbody program)

Meditate 3 times a week

Bath in magnesium at least once a week

Keep a diary about food, stress, symptoms.

Continue Gluten free, Dairy free and Sugar Free and lean more towards vegetarianism (now that I don’t have MS I don’t need to follow the Wahls protocol so strictly and you can’t be vegetarian on that)

Continue with my supplements and investing in some CBD oil- to help with my sleep.

I also need to work out a timetable and try to stick to it as much as possible because I need trained. I need a schedule. My head needs some clarity and structure to guide me through the fog.

I still plan on writing this blog as it is about my journey to health and becoming soul strong. I didn’t get any answers today but I will keep searching.


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