• FND is due to a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and thought to be the result of the brain’s inability to send and receive signals properly, rather than disease.
  • FND is the second most common reason for a neurological outpatient visit after headache/migraine.
  • FND is more common than multiple sclerosis.
  • FND symptoms are real
  • FND can cause impairment in quality of life that is similar to other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Epilepsy

Taken from FNDHope.org

I have been trying to get my head around FND and honestly- I can’t.  Is it a mental health problem?  Is this my anxiety and worry manifesting itself physically?  I have no idea.

I am assuming it is all to do with my anxiety.  I think of myself as a positive person- I try to get people to  look on the ‘bright side’, I try to cheer people up and keep them positive.  But in my head I am in a constant state of worry- about everything.  For example- My parents are over in England at the minute visiting my brother.  They took the boat and then drove to his house.  I was on high alert until I heard they arrived safely- I had imagined many scenario’s that did not end well for them.  The weather was bad so maybe they came off the road, maybe a lorry driver fell asleep on the motorway while driving and crashed into them, maybe they fell asleep at the wheel, maybe a lorry had a blowout- the list is endless. As the day went on, I kept checking the time and getting more stressed, I eventually asked had they arrived safe- thankfully they had- but no-one told me!  They were all relaxed having a great time whereas I was freaking out and wondering how to cover funeral costs!

I guess that ‘energy’ has to go somewhere.

I don’t send apples to the childminder for my children in case they choke on them.  Then I found out she gives them apples anyway so I go to work and worry that the apple will get them!!

I’m driving and I worry, I lie in bed, I worry, I try relax in the bath and I worry.  My imagination runs away with me.

Yesterday the girls and I were in the car and we were having THE best time, singing Let it go(Alex’s choice) and Mika(Eabha’s choice) the same 2 songs over and over, we were all singing (using that word loosely) at the top of voices- then I thought- well if the apocalypse comes now at least we are together.   That was my ‘Happy’ thought.

This ‘anxiety’ must now be causing these ‘mysterious’ symptoms.   Looking on http://www.FNDHope.org  it seems anti-depressants are often prescribed (So it is a mental health thing?) I don’t want to be put on an anti-depressant.  So I gotta fix this myself.



5 thoughts on “Functional Neurological Disorder FND

  1. I still can’t get my head around it either I thought a few days ago why did it just come out the blue I was really happy and no stress though I have anxiety but I’ve had that most of my life. Its been 6 months for me and when someone asks why I’m in a wheelchair and why my legs keep paralysing all I can say is I don’t know. I feel your pain and I’m always here xx

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      1. I had physio and a bit of CBT but they are still going in and out of paralysis it’s so annoying but I try not to let it get me down I’ve kind of adapted the it is what it is approach xxx

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