I have mentioned that my husband is doing his Masters as well as working full time.  He has been off from uni since before Christmas and has all this spare time.   He has now decided he is a ‘handy man.’  He never had any inclination for this kind of stuff before- he would rather pay someone to paint or replace a car part etc- now- with all this spare time and energy he has invested in tools (to save us money)  He has taken to nailing bits of wood into other bits of wood.  The kittens scratch post was sabotaged by our 2 year old (her and the kitten have a love hate relationship at the minute) now there are so many nails in the scratch post that it is indestructible- if not a little unsafe.  I had put together a temporary pole thing to hold empty clothes hangers- I came home from work and it is now permanent.  He fixed the upstairs toilet – it was a job well done.  He is kind of adorable walking around trying to fix everything before he starts uni again- adorable but menacing…

Our car needs a new battery so he Youtubed how to put in a new battery- simple enough I’m told and it is done- (I’m getting more and more impressed)

Now the oil filter needs changed- he bought a socket and wrench set (to save us money)

Wednesday morning I notice the bonnet of the car is open… but he is going to work soon so couldn’t possibly be attempting to change the filter now.  He comes in and says he doesn’t have time. I am relieved.  Off he goes and off the girls and I go to my mums! (In my mums I eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE- oh my goodness- my mums house is always full of goodies and I don’t even try to resist- the girls and I feast of chocolate- it is soooooooooooo good!!! Thanks mum!!)

As we are leaving I notice her whole yard is covered in oil!! I call her out to show her and we both look at it for a minute – more than a little bemused- where is it coming from?  Then slowly it dawns on me- the track of the oil is that exact same track I took when I came in and reversed and parked up… I say this to my mum and I ask her to look as I pull the car forward- sure enough there is a huge puddle of oil underneath it.  I am about to panic- is this flammable? will the car explode?? (Imagination- come back!! ) I get the girls out of the car before it explodes and back into mums.  Is it coincidence that my husband was looking into the engine this morning and now there is oil everywhere? He did say he didn’t have time to do anything so- benefit of the doubt- it is a coincidence.  Mum leaves us home and I message my husband to tell him what happened- he rings me straight away- turns out he did have time to do something- so three days later and we are without a car- he tightened something and nipped something and now oil is leaking and it needs a new part…(thank God he bought those tools to save us money)  to be honest I feel awful for him.  He was trying so hard and not only did he break that car but he destroyed my mums yard in oil (luckily they are very good people and they cleaned it up without even complaining – to our faces anyway) He was adorable.. but dangerous.

The best news in all this is- my husband starts uni again next Tuesday and will down his tools. (Until Easter)


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