Another sleepless night- this time with the littlest one- who woke up around midnight crying. She was complaining of some mysterious pain and squirming a lot, I changed her nappy and did a check around for anything unusual- nothing to be found. She didn’t have a temperature but was very upset so I had to bundle her downstairs as soon as I realised I wasn’t going to get her settled as easy as usual. I didn’t want her waking up her big sister or disturbing my husband even more than he already had been as he starts work at 6am and is back at uni and so has an especially long day to look forward to. Once downstairs she stopped crying and demanded we watch peppa pig, so we did- after 20 minutes I suggested we go back upstairs, and we did but as soon as she was put back to bed she started crying again, complaining of the mysterious pain again and squirming again. I checked her nappy again, checked her temperature and everything was okay but as she is quite (very) loud we rushed back downstairs where she settled pretty quickly- this pattern continued until after 4am when she had exhausted herself and myself. I plopped us both into mine and my husbands bed where she settled on my head- literally on my head. My husband went to work for 6 and at 7 my other daughter came in looking for us… needless to say I was already in a zombie like state.

We got our car back after my husband fixed it (see previous post) and he parked it last night behind my car- (which I take my daughter to school in- therefore blocking my car in the drive) I looked out and sighed as I realised I would have to reverse his car, move mine out then move his back in and then move mine back in behind his- I didn’t have the energy for all this! I know he always walks to work but I wished this morning he had just taken his car the 10 minute walk!! As I searched for his key it slowly (because I was not switched on this morning) realised his key was missing, I checked all usual spots and then all the unusual spots then thought… maybe the key is in his coat pocket… the coat he has taken to work…. I tried messaging him and ringing him and emailing him… no answer… as time ticked on and I was getting nowhere except frustrated I started to message other people who might be able to help- but they weren’t answering either- eventually as 9am approached I rang the school and explained we would be late… Then I started to worry the key was sitting somewhere really obvious and I just couldn’t see it because I am so tired- that would definitely be the worst!! I kept messaging people and eventually my mum came to the rescue. We got to school an hour and a half late… on our way home my husband messaged me to say he had the key- I was relieved more than anything!!

The school must have me down as the worst mother of the year- my daughter has been off sick more than most, with chicken pox, flu, bronchiolitis, snow days, I think she may be off at least once a week at this stage… and today, when I got her home from school I noticed 2 strange little markings- one on her thumb and one on her inner thigh- I do not know why because I have no idea what I am talking about but I immediately thought ‘ringworm.’ It is one of those words in my psyche and I have no idea what it is or where she would’ve gotten it but I was pretty sure it was ringworm. Off we went to the nearest pharmacy and yes- it is indeed ringworm… it is pretty contagious- meaning she will most likely have to be off school again!! I will take her to school in the morning to make sure and to show them the evidence in case they think I am making all this stuff up!! So- how do I cope with a day like today- well I am currently eating a block of cranberry and wensleydale cheese- my stomach is actually sore from eating this cheese and no doubt it will all come back to haunt me tomorrow but right now I need this cheese..

if there was ever any doubt that I am an emotional eater, the cheese has testified and I have been found guilty as charged! nom nom nom… ouch!

(more about Calamity Gail) Yesterday I got to work and went to pay for parking but I had forgotten my purse, so I rang my husband and he parked my car on one of those app things, (this was after 5 panicked calls, many, many, messages to his work phone and personal phone) I got to work and must’ve left my phone in the car because I couldn’t see it in my bag- I emptied my bag twice, my manager came in and I told him about my morning mishaps, he wasn’t surprised as I am Calamity Gail, when my lunch break came I set off to go get my phone lifted my handbag and my phone was sitting right there! (My manager laughed and asked how much sleep did I get the night before) I went to get some groceries and I left them in the car on my way back to work ( I did that fancy get money in an emergency thing through mobile banking thing) when I got to the car- there was my purse- just laughing at me! Are the fairies messing with my head? or is my head just messed?


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