Had to share this- all my life I have been told, being sad is bad, its weird, I’m weird, why can’t I just be happy? I should be so grateful for what I have.  Sad is bad.  And now I find myself creating a facebook group to promote positivity- thinking I am helping- when really- we should be encouraging people to FEEL all their emotions.  That is what is healthy, that is what is real.  Sometimes I think I focus so much on the positive because if I actually let myself feel my real emotions I won’t ever stop crying… it is all there bubbling under the surface.  I can’t actually deal with everything. SO I smile and ignore it and I am happy and positive.  One of the most positive people you’ll meet… It is hard.


2 thoughts on “Susan David The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage

  1. I really understand you dear. Sometimes it’s really hard to even manage a smile but it is well. The dark days will definitely end oneday. I really loved reading this. Thanks so much for sharing this heart felt piece with us. I’m truly grateful to you dear. May GOD bless you so much. If its okay with you I’d like to join your facebook group too. You could send me the link if only it’s not a bother. Thanks okay 💞🌹💞🌹💞

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