Hi.  My name is Gail.  I am a mother to 2 beautiful little girls (I am a slightly biased) I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend.  I have recently embarked on a journey- slightly against my own will- a journey into wellness and hopefulness and FEAR- big time FEAR.   All because my GP wants to ‘eliminate’ MS.  I decided to blog it- even though I have no idea what I am doing- because maybe it will be cathartic for me and maybe someone else out there is going through the same thing.   A few months ago- before this journey started.  I created a group on Facebook called nourish and lift: this was the blurb:

Welcome to Nourish and Lift. Have a wee read… POSITIVITY ONLY! No negativity- just LOVE

This is an inclusive group- no judgement, everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, race, education, sexual preference, rich, poor, interests, career, cat lover, dog lover. Be yourself- encourage individuality, everyone is celebrated, everyone is beautiful.

This group is all about being positive and accountable. It is about health- mental and physical.
‘Nourish and Lift’ because we should Nourish our Souls, Nourish our bodies, Lift each other up and Lift a few weights- (or go for a walk)
There is too much negativity in the world and in our heads, this is a place for positivity, motivation, and building each other up.
I want us to set goals and be accountable to each other. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, maybe you just want a Healthier lifestyle, Give up wine (ahem-never happening) Give up smoking, Give up chocolate, do a 5k/10k. If we set weekly goals we can help each other achieve anything we set our minds to.
This is a secret group so everything is private- we can laugh, cry, complain and it will all stay within the group.
We can share tips on what to do, what to eat, what to listen to, what to read, what to watch and how to get to our goals.
So- are you ready? Let’s inspire and empower each other!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/882473251902254/ (feel free to join us it is no longer private but closed)
See- I am all about being positive and sharing positivity but sometimes it is hard and since November 14th 2017 when I walked out of my Doctors office with ‘MS’ ringing in my ears, I’ve had a few not so positive moments.   I haven’t been diagnosed, just being tested.  This is my journey, come along for the ride x x